Train service between Miskolc-Dorottya utca and Lillafüred stations will be suspended until September 26 due to track renovation works!

From September 26, 2022, trains will not run on the LÁEV line network due to track renovation works.

Valid from: 1st March, 2022

For an uninterrupted trip on the railway line of LÁEV in any respect. Prices are valid for the trains running according to the schedule.

We do not own a public service contract, so our service is not qualified as public service.

  Prices (One way / Round trip)


HUF 1,700 / HUF 3,400

Child - Between age 0 and 3 years


Kindergarten-aged and school-aged children, above the age of 65

HUF 1,200 / HUF 2,400


For an uninterrupted trip on any of the trains running according to the schedule. Discount for groups: min. 20 members (kindergarten-aged and school-aged children, above the age of 65)! The discounts are only meant for Hungarian citizens.

Discounts Prices (One way / Round trip)

Daily ticket

HUF 5,400

Daily Discounted ticket:
- Kindergarten-aged and school-aged children
- Above the age of 65

HUF 3,800

Daily family ticket

HUF 12,900

Daily ticket for supported persons:
- Travelling with a MÁV or GYSEV ID card (daily ticket for the staff)
- Passengers with disabilities (daily registration ticket)
- Their escorts – one member/person – are entitled to a discount (daily registration ticket)

HUF 600

Group ticket

For each person:
HUF 1,400 / HUF 2,800

Discount group ticket:
- Passengers above the age of 65 (ID card has to be shown by the ticket’s purchase)
- Kindergarten-aged and school-aged children, and passengers above the age of 65 travelling as a group
- After every 20th member one accompanying adult is entitled to a discount

For each person:
HUF 1,000 / HUF 2,000

Dogs have to wear a muzzle and be on the leash. Full priced tickets have to be bought for them. (Free for guide dogs.)

HUF 1,700 / HUF 3,400

Without disturbing other passengers, bicycles can be brought

HUF 1,000 / HUF 2,000

Private train

In case of an agreement in advance

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