CNG project

CNG project

CNG bus purchase


The obsolete vehicles of Miskolc Városi Közlekedési Zrt. (MVK) were replaced by new, environmentally friendly, gas-powered buses. As a result of commissioning the CNG-operated, i.e. compressed gas-fueled buses, nowadays in Miskolc mainly low-floored, comfortable and air-conditioned buses are used which comply also with the EURO 6 environmental requirements. By the tender written out by the Ministry of National Development, MVK Zrt. implemented the purchase of 75 pcs of CNG buses and on 4 March, 2016 40 pcs of solo and 35 articulated CNGs were put into service. On the solo bus, there are 30 sitting and 75 standing places available, and the articulated bus is able to transport 42 sitting and 118 standing passengers.

The CNG filling station, constructed for the CNG buses is open all day long also for private individuals and companies in addition to the buses of MVK Zrt. The automated payment system enables payment by credit card and issues an invoice, as well.

Green city in bus transport

The buses of Miskolc, equipped with CNG technology easily meet even the most stringent, EURO 6 environmental standards and their pollutant emission is almost zero. The environmental impact of gas-fueled and Diesel vehicles, i.e. their emissions were first measured in Hungary under real-world conditions at the end of March 2016, in Miskolc. During the measurements, comparative measurements were performed on the Neoplan (Diesel, Euro IV engine) and the new MAN (compressed natural gas-powered, Eurp VI engine) buses on three bus lines of Miskolc, with artificial loading corresponding to 90 passengers, according to the final result of which 98-98.5% less nitrogen oxide (NO2) gets into the air from the gas-fueled buses than from the version with Diesel engine. Thanks to the new bus fleet, each year 30 tons less NO2 will get into the air of Miskolc. The new buses also result in a greatly reduced noise pollution, as the noise level of the CNG engine is much lower than that of the comparable Diesel vehicles.