Approaching the stations

Approaching the stations

Photo: Sarolta Kupcsik (Midmar)

Final stop on Dorottya Street (Diósgyőr)

The easiest way to approach it is to get on the No. 1 tram or No. 1A tram (only workdays) departing by the Miskolc-Tiszai railway station, and then get off at the "LÁEV (kisvasút)" stop.

Address: 1 Dorottya Street, Miskolc 3534

Lillafüred station

One of the popular stations in Lillafüred can be found next to the Palotaszálló. You can get there by the No. 5 bus or No. 15 bus which departs from the tram’s "Felső-Majláth" final stop. You have to get off the bus at the "Palotaszálló" stop.

Address: 2 Erzsébet sétány, Miskolc-Lillafüred 3517

Final stop in Garadna

At the valley of the Garadna stream, you can find the tram’s other final stop, which can be approached by the No. 15 bus running until Ómassa, and departing also from Felső-Majláth. You have to get off at the "Garadna vasút" stop.


Ticket offices are situated at the stations in Lillafüred, and on Dorottya Street, which means that at these stations debit card payment is also possible.

Official webpage of the State Forest Railways of Lillafüred: More official information about the forest railway:, and

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