For an uninterrupted trip on the railway line of LÁEV in any respect. Prices are valid for the trains running according to the schedule.

We do not own a public service contract, so our service is not qualified as public service.



800 HUF

Child (4-14) (Free until the age of 3)

650 HUF


For an uninterrupted trip on any of the trains running according to the schedule. Discount for groups: min. 20 members (kindergarten-aged and school-aged children, above the age of 65)! The discounts are only meant for Hungarian citizens.

Discounts Prices

Full-time university students (student card has to be shown by the ticket’s purchase)

Passengers above the age of 65 (ID card has to be shown by the ticket’s purchase)

650 HUF

Kindergarten-aged and school-aged children, and passengers above the age of 65 travelling as a group

600 HUF / person

After every 20th member one accompanying adult is entitled to a discount

600 HUF

Travelling with a MÁV ID card (daily ticket for the staff)

300 HUF

Passengers with disabilities (daily registration ticket)

300 HUF

Their escorts – one member/person – are entitled to a discount (daily registration ticket)

300 HUF

Seeing eye dog


Daily family ticket - Conditions: The daily family ticket can be used on the day of the purchase for an indefinite number of trips on LÁEV trains running according to the schedule. One or two adult(s) with max. 3 children are entitled to the daily family ticket during its validity. By the purchase and verification of the daily family ticket, the family has to verify that they belong to each other. The ticket is non-transferable; for verification purposes, one parent’s personal data have to be on the back of the ticket.

6000 HUF

Passenger with a tourist card is entitled to buy a student ticket

650 HUF

Dogs have to wear a muzzle and be on the leash. Full priced tickets have to be bought for them.

800 HUF

Without disturbing other passengers, bicycles can be brought

650 HUF

Private train

In case of an agreement in advance

The ticket’s price covers the fee for the insurance! For the discounts, an ID card has to be shown.

Accessible, passenger train wagon can be required in advance (+36 46 530 593, +36 46 530 594, and +36 30 488 7528)

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